What is anger?  Can it ever be of use?  Anger on own behalf can be self destructive.  Yet righteous anger can be the prompt to ensure that we do what we can to right the wrongs of those with out a voice.  Christ was a voice for the poor and the exploited.  Yet when he was accused he remained silent even though he could call on an army of Angels to come to His aid.  Anger is a tool   to be used with care not as an excuse for violence and hatred but to bring salvation.


Today I totally finished an essay on Hebrews in total it has taken far to long but totally worth it whether or not it adds a sufficient total to the credit I need to continue to the total needed for a degree in theology

Word Press

via Daily Prompt: Natty

A few days ago I found a site called Word Press that I thought was quite natty.  Ever since I did a module towards my BA called reading and writing theology I have known that if I wished to grow this skill I either needed to keep a journal or/and start to blog.  So here was this natty site that would allow me to start blogging.  Yet how to get started by using a daily prompt provided by this very natty site.  As a single person can I really justify a web page low and behold the very natty web page provided me with one.  A word like natty can be used in a variety of ways, but I have always thought of it as a smart useful item often of clothing but always of use and something that brings a smile of pleasure so thank you Word Press.


Last week a young man detonated a bomb killing himself and twenty two others.  Most even younger than him.  An evening of joy, fun and love ended with hate pain and death.  Yet that act intended to cause division and fear was turned around to seek unity and kindness.  We need all to seek to heal the divisions to reach out to those who feel they do not belong. Let us learn the lessons offered by those who refuse allow a detonated bomb to destroy a community.  Pray for Manchester.  “Blessed are the Peace makers for they will be called the children of God” Mathew chap 5v9 NIV Bible


Source: Precipice

Standing fearful of falling.  Recognizing that the future is dawning, good or bad it is out of control.  Right wing, left wing, strong parliament or hung parliament, who will care for the sick or the dying whether refugee or migrant whether resident or visitor.  Who will stand by the children on the edge, black, white and coloured, of sexual exploitation and/or abuse.  Standing tall on the educational mountain are those left behind recognised and protected. The precipice is clear it matters not what got us here we can blame others for our fear we must look to the rear and shine our lights to prevent others from careering over the precipice of our fear.